Welcome To Purshottam

Kandoi Damodar Haribhai Mithawala since 1952.Handcrafted with organic ingredients with the extracts of natural flavours, we at Nathu Mal & Ghudoo Mal are passionate about Indian traditions and the authentic centuries old art of Indian mithai. We are the fourth generation, known for winter delicacies carried by a legacy of more than 100 years old business with a new vision and creativity, keeping the century old handcrafted technique, passion and love alive. Whether it is a small knit affair or a big winter celebration, the box of Nathu Mal & Ghudoo Mal is always a welcomed treat. We pride ourselves on our commitment and enthusiasm for curating mithai boxes that are made from biodegradable material and are completely recyclable. Our mithai comes in various packages ranging from a platter to an exclusive box customized to suit your style and theme.